Sunday, June 5, 2011

Green ♺ Machine

Ok this time it's really the finishing touch. First off, I decided on a name for my bike. It's "Green ♺ Machine." I thought this was right on a few levels. First the color is a weird kind of green and the seat's definitely green. Also it's a human-powered vehicle, so that's green too. Finally it's a recycled bike, being made from parts of other bikes that might otherwise have been discarded. Green green green.

So I thought about trying to print decals myself but couldn't find the right stock for the printer. I found an excellent online vendor though, Very high quality vinyl cut letters. I got the 3/4"x7" size pair for $8.99 and free shipping. Seems like a fair deal to me, definitely better than what I could have done myself. It looks very professional. Here's a photo.

From Recumbent Bike Project