Monday, February 21, 2011

Disassembly of First Bike

First bike is a Nishiki hybrid, probably from early 1990s, smallish frame. Kinda heavy. Frame is steel, and I discovered the crankarms and rims are all steel too, so I probably will not use those on the recumbent bike. I'd like to keep the weight down as much as I can. (The other donor bike has aluminum rims and crankarms.) The bottom bracket was totally seized up, wouldn't turn at all. I got it open and found bearings all rusted but the spindle and cups were in good shape. Other components seemed fine, still usable for something. It had new-looking pedals which I'll give to my son for his bike to make it lighter (plastic instead of metal).

From Recumbent Bike Project

The only a real problem with this bike is that the stem is frozen in the steering tube. It looks like the only way to get it out would be to cut it off, so I've decided not to use this bike as bike number one (the one that provides the bottom bracket and fork), but instead to try to make a truing stand out of the fork and handlebars.

Here's a picture of the frame. Right now the cups are still in the bottom bracket, but I will remove them.

From Recumbent Bike Project

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