Sunday, May 1, 2011

The bike fits me!

Today I installed the crankset so I could finally see whether the bike would actually fit me or not. Seems fine. I might like another inch of length but I think it'll do o.k. Here's a video of me trying it out. This also gave me a chance to discover how comfy the seat is.

I also drilled a hole for the chain idler and hacked together a kickstand. I had to take the adjustable kickstand off one of my other bikes, remove the part that slides in and out, and then cut a salvaged kickstand off as long as possible and slide it into the adjustable kickstand. It was plenty long this way. Here's my freestanding recumbent:

From Recumbent Bike Project

Tuesday night I'll be able to do the very last weld on the seat stay, and UPS is also supposed to bring my hi-rise handlebars and the extra chains I need to make a long chain. Almost there!

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